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Great and many are the lucky people who have played Doc's amazing games. Are you one of them? Tell us your tale of dinky adventure! Enjoyed this web site? Let us know!

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Behold, the immortal words of our visitors!

Posted by Kris on 12/30/2011
So long ago. I still have my books, was a great game. Best moment: was a low M warrior, forced to fight a powerful wizard in an arena. Survived an illusion attack with a lucky saving throw, then immediately killed the wizard with a heavy crossbow.

Posted by Roleplaygamers on 9/23/2011
Nice webpage! Please check roleplaygamers, you might be interested in it! It is a groupfinder webpage for roleplayers - roleplaygamers (dot) org.

Posted by Tim Bauer on 6/23/2011
I'm glad to see that people are still playing this game.

Posted by Phil Morrissey on 6/23/2011
Yes that one.

A Dinky fansite, I love you guys so much!

yer pal,

Posted by Jeff Perryman on 6/14/2011
I have had the pleasure of working with the guys at Docs Games, and was even asked to to art for the 2nd Ed. I look back and think, that is where I really got my start.

Thanx Guys

Posted by Fat Warrior on 6/11/2011
In the course of my parents clearing out their attic they've unearthed my Dinky Dungeons core rules, Troll Canyon, Sacrafice to the Blood Diety (sic), Berzerko Tower, and Dinky Kingdoms. All still in ziplock bags. Is this my retirement fund?

Posted by Emperorlou on 2/18/2011
Hey, I have a website that would go PERFECT with this!! No kidding, it basically allows you to create a fully scripted, interactive, table-top gaming system online to be played by all. Where do I find the creator of dinky!?

Posted by Noah Ramon on 11/25/2010
I still have a copy of Dinky Dungeons and the Doc's Maze/Berzerko Tower module somewhere, after having bought them at NanCon in 1988 or 1989. I HAD Small Space and Meks and Mekanoids...

Man, that was cool stuff!

Posted by Webmaster on 7/28/2010
Ben, we'd be happy to publish it on this site and give you full credit. Email me if you're interested!

Posted by Ben on 7/24/2010
Oriental Dinky Dungeons was very nearly my first professional publication at age 15. I got a letter back from the company saying they wanted to publish my idea, but never heard from them again. I've always regretted that.

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