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Great and many are the lucky people who have played Doc's amazing games. Are you one of them? Tell us your tale of dinky adventure! Enjoyed this web site? Let us know!

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Behold, the immortal words of our visitors!

Posted by Patrick Keleher on 4/28/2009
Thanks for a great site! I've been curious about Dinky Dungeons since I first heard about it, & you've provided the most info I've been able to find. I look forward to playing with my friends!

Posted by Denka Olssen on 4/24/2009
You should post this on RPG.net

Posted by Marrio Olssen on 4/23/2009

Posted by Leila Olssen on 4/21/2009
I am going to try this game.

Posted by Holly on 4/11/2009
My name is Holly and I approve of Dinky Dungeons! I mean, c'mon....those mice dice are cuuuuuuute!

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